2nd international sports nutrition congress of Iran 6th Annual Research Congress of Semnan

University of Medical Science


 | Post date: 2019/10/10 | 

After the praise of God, Omnipotent and peace and blessings be upon Muhammad and Al-Muhammad.

 In the 40th year of the renowned Islamic Revolution, which is called the year of production boom, and certainly one of the most important fields of production, scientific production, we are witnessing a global effort to develop the health system and to aim to improve the health of our people. Lifestyle has a vital role to play in promoting health and preventing non-communicable diseases, and their own nutrition and exercise are crucial elements.

On the other hand, the new field of sports nutrition created in the country has a high potential for research in this field, and as a result, it can have practical steps in improving the health of individuals and improving the performance of athletes.

We are proud to host your second Iranian Sports Nutrition Congress in Semnan University of Medical Sciences from  25 to 27 February 2020, in Semnan, Iran.

Congratulations in advance to your loved ones, scientists, researchers, professors, students, experts, physicians and athletes, and all strikers in the field of nutrition and sports at home and abroad, and we hope to be a good host for you.

Chairman Scientific Board

Dr.Hossein Hajianfar

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 | Post date: 2019/10/10 | 

Regarding the critical role of proper nutrition in the success of athletes in various individual and group sports, whit help God Almighty 2nd International Congress of Iranian Sports Nutrition February 25-27, 2020, to exchange the latest scientific findings of researchers in this field, Semnan University of Medical Sciences Will be held. Members of the Executive Committee look forward to the ever-evolving presence of all colleagues, professors, and dear students who are interested in attending this Congress and will endeavor, as far as possible, to extend beyond the previous and similar congresses in terms of performance and scientific achievement. We are grateful for the active participation of all the nobles who will assist us in holding this glorious Congress.


Chairman  Executive Board

Dr.Zeinab Faghfori

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